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Website Development Process



  • Meeting with customers;
  • Key Elements Definition, with the company functional team: Target, market, product;
  • Website navigation process;
  • Meeting with customers;

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  • Specific Objectives Definition, with the company functional team;
  • Technical Architecture and Design;
  • Site Pages Definition;
  • Text definition for each page, audios, videos, photographs and images;
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  • HTML Coding;
  • Content Management System Implementation;
  • General review;
  • Release;
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    Proactive Monitoring

  • Company Functional business team begins the process of updating the site via content manager;
  • Utech is available to update static pages as content sections, image gallery and multimedia content;
  • Analyze the results to refine the points where users are having issues.

    Professional Hosting Support

    • Fast, Accurate Problem Resolution - When You Need It
    • Implementation and On-going Support for Applications
    • Security, Antivirus, SPAM filtering
    • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
    • Always have a point of contact for editing Notification and Resolution
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